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Shows were during winter 2010 and 2011.

Nomad's Last Waltz was April Fool's day at Jita's Cafe, in 2011 April 1st at 7:30. Were you there?

Nomad CD free download (zip file). Unzips to Nomad folder with MP3 songs and images of group and poetic presentation.

Nomad live

NOMAD: Featuring winter visitors Fanny Peret and Nico Dondrille on accordion and vocals along with Todd Keith on mandola, Mike Garner on upright bass and Carl on guitar and vocals this band has crafted some elegant, gypsy music that feels like it's come from a street corner in Paris.

Nomad in session


We are Nomad just a little bit

Addicted to music and it's beat.

Emotion and pleasure to be together

For few days or few months whatever.

Strength of the present for amaising memories,

Nomade through the cultures and countries.

Frenchies play Slave Music

Canadians enjoying Celtic.

From Irlande or New found Land

It's just all that in one band.

Nomade in our mind also

Read, dream, meditate live slow.

From the border of the sun set

To the roots of the djumbe we get

The feeling that Music and Arts

Gonna save life and hearts.

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