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Drawknife lyrics and song
Children of the Secret
Golden lyrics and song
Cowboys ride the Range
Dreams & the Real Stuff
Lost & Found Blues
Rock Me
Outlaw Blues
Red Eye
Flowers of the Mountains
Bats in the Belfry

Cowboys & Secrets CD

Cowboys & Secrets CD - back cover

The rain falls and the time of drought passes. This has been a long time coming. These songs have come to my pen at different times and in many different places. Cowboys and Secrets have been with us down through the ages and will be with us through the new millennium. Creeks and streams are diverted and energies move in different directions. Things are accelerating and we have to scramble to keep up with the times. I consider this opportunity an honour so I'm not going to waste it on retrospection. A dragon is coming and dreams are how the real stuff gets made. Grandfather does the Raindance on the mesa as Cowboys ride the Range. A cold wind blows at my back as I walk the path that has been pointed to me by my mentors along the way. nobody ever said it was going to be easy.

The ideas came to fruition in Field. Charlie and I laying down the bed tracks. The click tracks. Going over the tunes over and over again until we got them right. Many tunes were boiled out of the process but I hope to get them down on record soon. I got Bats in my Belfry with the Lost and Found Blues as I ride the Red Eye to new horizons. The Flowers of the Mountains Rock Me in the bossom of a tough kind of love. All of this comes from a Higher Power as I dig the roots and search for the source.

I pray for a better day to come.

Keep going and stay strong.

Carl Trinkwon, Golden 1999

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