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Cowboys and Secrets

Children of the Secret
Cowboys ride the Range
Dreams & the Real Stuff
Lost & Found Blues
Rock Me
Outlaw Blues
Red Eye
Flowers of the Mountains
Bats in the Belfry

DRAWKNIFE - by Carl Trinkwon

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Springtime is coming to the Rockies
   It feels like heaven here on earth
Brings back an old familiar feeling that I know
   I'll sing you a song for what its worth

My friends and I we travelled cross the country
   Searching for to make our dreams come true
But all the while I think of dust upon the shelf
   Our with the old and in with the new

   Just give me my Drawknife and my Arkansas Stone
I wanna build me a cabin where the Coyotes rome
   Just gimme my Drawknife and my Arkansas stone
Won't need no sawmill where I'm goin'

Cruising down the highway in my Chevy
    She's a pick-up truck with a four-wheel drive 
She can climb a mountain with her winter tires
    She gets me by and helps me to survive


Now we've made our home up in the mountains
    We do our best, we live and realize
Through the summer and the winter, thee springtime and the fall
   Every season is a joy to be Alive

                                     Goose Creek, 1973

GOLDEN - by Carl Trinkwon

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A m                      D m         E m                       A m
Sunshine on your back, you feel the sound of summer calling
                                 D m     E m                        A m
    All the things you lack, you will gain 'cause you ain't stallin'
F              C                         F                      C
Caravan upon the Highway, like the geese across the skyway
         F                       C
     Summer breezes blowin' my way
        G                           A m         G                        A m
With all the things I'm holdin'  headed north for Golden  

North the wind does blow, like the sea its always churning
   Onward north we go, summer sun it keeps on burning
Seasons have so many faces
   Summer winds they leave no traces
      I'm movin' on to better places
           With all the things I'm holdin'
                Headed north for Golden

Over Roger's Pass, radiator's almost boiling
   Soon be home at last, feel those Chevy engines toiling
       Now my feet are getting number  (as in numb)
           Got to start a brand-new summer
              A break-down now would be a bummer
       With all the things I'm holdin'
               Headed north for Golden

                                     Golden, BC,    1974

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